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The MMA World League has secured a global alliance television network to broadcast professional MMA events across Europe and the Asia Pacific Regions.
The network scope includes a China-wide broadcast of the MMA reality TV program titled "Champion Fighter of China" consisting of 12 weekly episodes that culminate with two MMA World League Championships.
This first MMA reality program to be broadcast in China began with 24 selected fighters being tested in all facets of mix martial arts to determine the final four contenders who will fight for the MMA World League Championships on 8th December.
​The four China contenders will join MMA fighters from the Philippines and Thailand to compete against top European, Middle East and Australian fighters for the 2015 season of MMA World League Championships.

The MMA World League is the leading edge of the mixed martial arts evolution of combat sport. The League’s events and television broadcast network link the regions of the Asia Pacific and greater Europe. MMA is the big melting pot of martial arts where all country cultures and combat sports come together for the unified rules combat where the rules are liberal and legal, approved by medical authorities worldwide and sanctioned by the MMA World League in accordance to the regulations of government and state combat commissions. MMA World League events are ultra-paced fast and furious fighting. The fighters never stop moving. On their feet they’re always striking. Close in they grapple looking to take their opponent down in the confines of a sealed cage. Takedowns can happen at any time testing a fighter’s defence and ground technique. Once taken down the fighters can lockdown, submit or stand up and strike again. The caged warriors create the buzz that resonates on the TV screen that’s addictive for the younger generation combat sports fans. MMA GTS events are fought over three and five-minute rounds. If the contest is scored even after three rounds, a fourth round is added to determine the outcome. The League’s genre of combat fighting is as skillful and action-packed as professional MMA gets with every fight a make or break to the end of the contest. Elite MMA fighters know how to perform classic stand-up strikes using hard punches, powerful knees, and kicks. They also know that they are performing at the elite level of combat sport Fighters don’t get counted out. Standing up or on the ground it’s over when it’s over. And that’s when the referee determines the contest has reached its final conclusion in accordance to MMA Unified Rules based on globally approved safety criteria.